Make Sure Your Landscaping Service Stays On Top Of Weed Control

Not everybody knows this but a garden needs weeds. Yes, that is right, nature has healing powers of its own and this includes needing weeds as part of its process. Weeds also help out in making everything in nature balanced. However, there are certain types of weeds that needs to be removed or get rid of. Apparently, there are helpful weeds and bad weeds and depend mainly on the color and the texture of these when separated. One must know the difference especially of you are a green thumb so you will know which ones to retain and which ones to remove.

It is important that you have weed control

So how does weed control work? It is important one knows so he does not do stuff based on his judgement. Weed control would always depend on the kind of weed that is left and present. Below are some of the tips to guide you:

  • Sleeping weeds should lie
  • Mulch
  • Weeding when it is good
  • Their heads should be removed
  • Always check the gaps
  • Water the plants, not the weeds

Sleeping weeds should lie

You have to know when to dig and when not to. Usually, only the top portion of the weeds would be evident in the germination process thus, digging could be a little helpful to be able to pull off the seeds as necessary.


Mulching keeps the soil cool and moist basically getting rid of any possibility of over drying. Through this, plants do not get exposed to too much sun as they are able to feel coolness through the moisture of the mulch.

Weeding when it is good

You need to be able to know when it is best to pull out and dig out. When it is wet season, weeds are very attached to the inner phase of the soil and it is important that one digs it out using a fork or a tendril to be able to remove it. In dry season, weeds tend to be very smooth to pick out and pulling it from its place becomes easy as one, two, three.

Their heads should be removed

There are instances where weeds are just so attached to the soil that even digging makes it impossible to remove them. If and when this happens, chopping the head off is basically just the best and most advisable thing to do.