Special Precautions To Take Before Painting Older Homes

How long does your paint last?

Normally, when painted well and done properly, exterior paints would last for 15 years. This would depend mainly on how it was painted, what paint was used and what the situation of the texture was before painting was done. You also need to ensure that you keep an eye on the weather once exterior paintings are done. Old houses are also much more difficult to paint and to keep the paint on, probably because of how the materials are considering the age of building.

So what are the best practices in painting older homes?

In painting older homes, one must consider so many things. Below are some:

  • Washing
  • Scraping
  • Scraping again
  • Sand
  • Sand again
  • Patch and fill
  • Prime part 1
  • Prime part 2
  • Caulk
  • Paint
  • Paint again
  • Paint part 3


It is very important to be able to wash or scrub any exterior surface before painting. Not washing it can lead to a dirty finish because of possible dust and objects being caught by the paint.


It is important to scrape as lead may be present on houses especially those of older models. Houses built before 1978 has lead because of how houses were built before – lead had always been used. Nowadays, lead is not recommendable in building houses so it is best to have them scraped before painting.

Scraping again

You need to scrape again as scraping it one time may still leave off other particles. You would need to scrape by hand if you like a more efficient outcome.


After scraping, it is important to sand the exterior surface of the house. You would not want any bumps along the way while performing the job that might just lead off to more problems in the future.

Patch and fill

When sanding is done, there will be minor cracks or holes left on the exterior surface leaving it weird and bad if painted without filling. You would need to patch these cracks or open areas and fill it out.


Primers are used to be able to close off minimal seals that we may miss. This is to ensure that all the areas to be painted are even plain.


You know you are almost done once you reach this stage. Caulking is when you caulk all small joints and sides of the surfaces to ensure nothing is missed.  It should last up until fifteen years.