About Page

Home Decorations & Improvements or HMI is a passion project of Alyanna – a mother of three beautiful children, two of which are twins. Her specialty is on repurposing items and turning them into stuff that you can use for decorating your home and sprucing up the look and feel of your homes. From the most mundane objects that you can find on your home, to coffee stations and vases, her range is as vast as could be possible. According to her, she is on a mission to provide inspiration for DIY design. To that effect, she also shares tutorials that you can check out to get some ideas and inspiration.

Alyanna would source items that most people would discard or throw away and turns them into pieces that are fit to adorn the shelves or walls of the most beautiful homes. Surely, you will get plenty of inspiration from Alyanna and her team over here at HMI.